Generate 5, 10, or Even 15 Lead Consistently Every Day!

Get Plug & Play Facebook Ads Systems & Lead Generation Systems For Your Fitness Business For Just £97

Most Gurus charge anything from £300pm to £4k per course for this type of content... But as I am also a FitPro that relies on new leads every day I decided to create one that all FitPros can afford

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YES! Start My 30 Day Trial For JUST £97

We ONLY open up 10 spaces each month, click the link to see how many spaces we have left!

Discover What Having 5, 10 Or Even 15 New Leads A Day Feels Like!

  • Never having to worry where the next set of enquires & leads are going to come from
  • Adding 2-3 new front end members each week to your fitness business
  • Never having a meltdown when 3 people hand their notice in the same week
  • Being able to charge what you deserve and not having to undercut the competition
  • With a clear structure to making sure the leads just keep on coming no matter the time of year 
  • Does this sound like the one thing missing from your fitness business?


You have that drive to keep moving your fitness business forward, but it's consitent flow of leads is what is letting you down...

You've spent 100's if not 1000's on courses and mentors

You have spend hours watching videos

Yet still in that same place...

I'm here as a fellow FitPro & gym owner to tell you...


And this is the reason I have created The FitPro Portal

We ONLY open up 10 spaces each month, click the link to see how many spaces we have left!

How Will The FitPro Portal

Help Me Generate Leads?

  • Facebook Ads Master For FitPros - A 21 Step Facebook Ads Lead Gen System Taking a Prospect From Facebook to Clients
  • Beginner Guide & Advanced Guide To Running Ads - Perfect for those who have never ran ads before & those who have plenty of ads experience
  • Done For You Facebook Ads Copy - That has been tried and tested and wont shut your account down
  • Downloads & Templates - From landing & thank you pages, to email, text & sales scripts. We have everything you need

Facebook Ads Is Just 1 Way To Generate Leads...

In The Portal, We Have You Covered With Every Form Of Lead Generation For Your Fitness Business

  • Website Design Course (We currently sell this course individually at £250) - Taking you step by step from having no website to building your first, including ready to go templates
  • Online Membership Course (We currently sell this course individually at £300) - Want to go online with your fitness business? Then the membership build course is for you
  • Offline Lead Generation Systems - Making sure you are not overly reliant on digital marketing, and working your way into your local community
  • Special Guests Interviews - From world class speakers to local FitPros, we get them to give us what is working for them right now
  • Daily Study Hour - Each day at 2pm UK time we have a dedicated Zoom Room to help you make the most of the programme
  • Done For You Social Media Posts - Download and use right away across all your social channels, all designed to boost awareness and drive engagement 


  • FREE & Complete Access To The Social Medi Stack worth a MASSIVE £47 a Month - 30 Engaging Social Media Posts A Month + 30 Canva Templates To Accompany Each Month All designed to spark engagement, enquiries & potential new leads across all your social media channels. 
  • 24/7 Access To Myself & My Team Inside The Members Support Group - answering all your questions with weekly Q&A Coaching Support Calls & Daily Zoom Room Study Hour
  • On-boarding Start-Up Coaching Call - When you join you get a FREE 30-minute onboarding coaching call with Dave to map out what trainings to focus on the most and help map out your lead gen flows in your fitness business

We ONLY open up 10 spaces each month, click the link to see how many spaces we have left!

Here is Nicole Renee owner of Empower Fitness – Mystic CT a ladies only facility in Mystic, Connecticut giving her review of The FitPro Portal.

Nicole joined The FitPro Portal as she was just about to open her first studio, with the aim of generating leads, making sales & growing her fitness business.

One year on, Nicole has grown her studio to just over 60 clients.

Hi, I'm David Kyle :)

Owner of DKnine Fitness & former lead generation struggler

I started out running outdoor bootcamps and would never know how many new clients I would have turning up, nevermind not knowing how much I would earn month on month

Things had to change...

Fast forward to present day, I now own my own gym in Cardiff with 7 staff, and help 100's of FitPros around the world to Generate Leads On A Daily Basis

I started The FitPro Portal to give you the exact startagies I use to generate a constant flow of leads for my own Fitness Business & the 100's of Ads Clients I have around the world

For a fraction of the typical guru prices!

Here is Simon Evans owner of C&S Fitness, Bridgwater giving her review of The FitPro Portal.

Simon joined The FitPro Portal having just opened his first studio, he now has 2 bustling studio with over 200 clients.

In 1 Year, Simon Has Gone From 130 Clients To 210

No more guessing with super simple trainings..

When I started out as a FitPro, I tried everything to generate leads for my bootcamp

From running Facebook Ads to building a website and delivering leaflets

I wanted something that would be quick and easy to consume and actually worked

This is what inspired me to create The FitPro Portal

From step by step course to running ads, to downloads, templates, worksheets and more

All designed to get you generating leads the very same day!

Here is Brendan Bonar owner of B Fit Training, Glasgow giving her review of The FitPro Portal.

Brendan joined The FitPro Portal with zero Facebook Ads experience, he has since been able to follow the ad set up vidoes & use the copy to generate leads.

Brendan Generate 3 x £169 Sales This Week, Off A £15 Ad Spend

The FitPro Portal FAQ

How Is Payment Handled? To make things super easy, your payment is set up to renew automatically each month! Your first payment is £97, then on day 31 you will be charged £97 each month unless you decide to leave.

Do I Get Instant Access To All The Trainings? 100% Yes! The minute you enter, you have access to every single training, download and template we have ever produced. We consitently add new training to The Portal each week.

Is There A Minimum Joining Period? Not at all, some FitPro just need one month to learn the basics. Most want to stay month on month, to access all the updated trainings and daily support.

Who Is The FitPro Portal Right For? If you need a consitent flow of leads, including templates, downloads & support then this is the place for you. Inside you will find Boot Camp Owners, 1-2-1 Personal Trainers, Gym Owners, CrossFit Owners & Online FitPros.

Have Other FitPro Generated Leads With The FitPro Portal? From complete begginers to gym owners having to turn off ads due to being full, below you will find a wide range of FitPros who have been succesful with The FitPro Portal.

We ONLY open up 10 spaces each month, click the link to see how many spaces we have left!

Here are a few SUCCESS STORIES & RESULTS SO FAR from The FitPro Portal…


We ONLY open up 10 spaces each month, click the link to see how many spaces we have left!

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