Are You Ready To Start Generating Consistent Leads For your Fitness Business?

Learn what works in 2021 to scale your business to £10k a month - sustainably, consistently, and without working yourself into the ground.

Discover a lead generating system that is so effective, it was getting us clients before we even figured out we were using it. 

You can increase your leads whether:

  • You need to get a head start in your social media marketing,
  • You need convincing ads that bring new and consistent leads, or
  • You need to focus on your actual business, not hunting for leads.
I Want New Leads...

7 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

The FitPro Portal contains all of our best Lead Generation training techniques delivered in one easy format. If you don't find it helpful you can request your money back. No questions asked.

I’m David Kyle, owner of DKnine Fitness, Cardiff.

I’m not new to the pain of unsuccessful lead chasing. I know, seeing where I am now paints a different picture, but it was never like this at first.

Before DKnine would transform 10,500+ lives around the world through our in-house strategy, I was running boot camps in exchange for peanuts. I would never know how many new clients I would have turning up, nevermind not knowing how much I would earn month on month. Worrying about losing just one or two clients would keep me up at night thinking about how I’d provide for my family..

Like you, I needed a reliable system. I never knew that 1 person was helping me develop this.  A system that would transform lead generation for fit pros everywhere…

When I started DKnine it blew up faster than I expected. We started having a huge impact on the lives of 100s of clients in our target market - the over 30s. It got to the point that other FitPros were getting curious about how we were doing it. 

At this point, I started looking at what had caused this rapid success. That’s when I noticed that I had created a brand around one person’s needs. In that system, there was a secret formula that had been attracting leads. It was shaping us into a unique brand all this time. 

The one person in question here is my mother...

DKnine was formed around her health and fitness journey. It attracted masses of potential clients. From here, we started understanding what glues clients to a particular fitness brand and we were able to develop our lead generation strategy - and share it with other gym owners leading us to have an impact on 1000s of people around the world. All because of my mum.

Now, I’ve helped 350+ FitPros like you around the world to also transform their fitness businesses.

We’re trusted by: IFBA, Fitness Business Blueprint, SJN Nutrition, PTD Ninja and more

We’ve been featured on: BBC Radio, MYPTHub Podcast, Fitness Education Online Podcast

We’re not a marketing agency looking to cash in on struggling gym owners, we’re in the industry putting in the reps working, learning and improving on our strategies that already work for businesses like ours.

We found that lead generation is usually nightmare for fitpro businesses because:

  • It takes up time you don’t feel you have
  • Every new online tip you see feels like an expensive gamble
  • You’re passionate about fitness, not marketing

At the end of the day, you need 1 solution that solves all your problems. 

I started The FitPro Portal to give you the exact strategies I use to generate a consistent flow of leads for my own Fitness Business & the 100's of Ads Clients I have around the world...

For a fraction of the typical guru prices!

The FitPro Portal gives you access to the exact strategies that you can use if you are ready to start handling larger volumes of clients… get ready to hit those 10k months!

5 Starts & Highly Recommended by Carries from MindsetBootcamp

What Is The Fit Pro Portal?

The ‘FitPro portal’ will give you access to my complete ‘step-by-step’ success strategy.  We designed this for FitPros who are ready to start generating £10,000+ per month. We created all the training and resources you could possibly need to get there - FAST.

Stop building marketing campaigns or setting up ads just hoping they’ll work - learn exactly what converts every time and generate the sales you need to grow.

We’re not teaching you stuff that used to work a few years ago like other fitness marketing gurus - our team is working, experimenting and learning constantly to bring you the tools you need that are working NOW.

You’ll be able to start applying this immediately and keep generating more leads as you progress with your training. Get great results no matter what stage of growth your business is at. 

Our aim is to change the trajectory of 100 fit pro businesses that are ready to grow, just like yours. Why 100? It may seem like a small number, but it means we can really focus on getting each of you to £10,000+ every month as fast as possible. You can finally start enjoying your business instead of barely making it. 

What makes this program different from the other ones you’ll find:

It’s specifically designed to start generating leads for fitness businesses only. You will usually find ‘one-size-fits-all’ online solutions. These end up being vague, generic, and a waste of your time and money. That’s not us. We live and breathe in the fitness industry first, and only teach you what we already know is working.

The Fit Pro Portal takes your fitness business from where you are to the income you deserve. £10k months consistently, sustainably and without working 24/7 might sound too good to be true, but it’s within your reach - just like putting in the reps at the gym if you take the right training plan and put in the work you can achieve the results you desire.

So what does it feel like to know you’ve got that steady stream of leads coming in?

  • Never having to worry where the next set of enquiries & leads are going to come from
  • Adding 2-3 new front end members each week to your fitness business
  • Never having a meltdown when 3 people hand their notice in the same week
  • Being able to charge what you deserve and not having to undercut the competition
  • With a clear structure to making sure the leads just keep on coming no matter the time of year
  • More free time to focus on your business or what you love and not just chasing leads
  • Knowing where your business is going and feeling in control 

Does this sound like the what’s missing from your fitness business?


You know you have that drive to keep moving your fitness business forward, but a consistent flow of leads is what’s letting you down...

You've spent 100's if not 1000's on courses and mentors

You’ve spent hours watching videos

But you’re still in the same place...

I'm here as a fellow FitPro & gym owner to tell you...


And this is the exact reason I created The FitPro Portal

Okay.. Time To Get A Little More Serious

As a Fitness Business owner, I know your time is going to be limited

You’re desperate to keep growing your business, but at the same time you need to keep your clients happy, keep providing for the family and somehow try and master the art of marketing. It’s a lot to handle.

I’ve been there and done those courses where you have to sit for an hour to just get the 5 minute bit of information you need. It feels like a waste of time.

This is one of the key ways we’ve made the FitPro Portal specific for FitPros 🙌

Most trainings are just a few minutes long, and get straight to the point

We give you the templates, ads copy, emails, call scripts and much more so you don't need to spend hours creating them yourselves

We literally show you how to run all your marketing for your fitness business in just 10 minutes a day.

What is the FitPro Portal?

My complete ‘step-by-step’ strategy for getting more leads and business growth. This has changed the lives and businesses of hundreds of FitPros around the world. You can start getting great results no matter what area of fitness you specialize in.

It’s specifically designed to start generating leads for fitness businesses. This isn’t a  ‘one-size-fits-all’ digital marketing agency with strategies that end up losing you money for nothing in return. The FitPro Portal is designed for your fitness business.

You’ll know exactly what to expect from your campaigns and how to grow. One of the biggest problems FitPro businesses face is uncertainty. We’ll teach you how to use data to make educated forecasts while growing your business.

  • We Start By Setting Up Your Fitness Business Lead Gen Eco System - A Simple System That Will Take Your Admin Less Than 10 Minutes Each Day To Manage, and  Delivers Leads Each & Every Day
  • Next, We Have Your Marketing Calendar - No more guessing with your marketing, we now start planning like Apple would to launch their next iPhone. This gets done once a quarter and dictates how we do the following... ⬇️
  • 3 Level Facebook Ads Course - Designed to take you from Novice to Master with step by step training on how to initially set up and how to maximise your ad spend for the best ROI for business growth - all aimed directly at FitPros.
  • Done For You Facebook Ads Copy - No more guessing or struggling with what to write, these Ad Copies have been tried and tested to deliver high-quality leads 
  • Monthly Social Media Calendar - Done for you, ready to go Social Media & Image templates that are designed to spark engagement & deliver you leads

You Decide On The Support & Content You Need...

The FitPro Portal is broken down into 2 levels

The FitPro Portal - LITE
An on-the-go package that will build momentum in your business. It will give you a sustainable strategy along with showing you the way to go. It includes a light version of the Fitness Business Eco-system Course. This is perfect for:

- Beginners who don't want to get too overwhelmed with marketing 
- Those who want no fluff, no bull, just want to GENERATE LEADS, have all their social media taken care of and gets 24/7 access to the team

BUT… If you are after a more structured approach, with exact guidance on a complete Lead Generating Fitness Business & having queues at the door like the latest iPhone release

Then we have The FitPro Portal - All Access

This goes deeper into sustainable strategies. It focuses more on a structured approach, with exact guidance on a complete Lead Generating Fitness Business. It includes the 6 Pillar Fitness Business Eco-System course & quarterly mapping of your marketing calendar for continued business growth. 

If you don’t know where to start, that I would start with the LITE & then when you are ready to upgrade, simply drop us an email 📧

Here is Nicole to tell you a little more...

Here is Nicole Renee, owner of Empower Fitness – a ladies-only facility in Mystic, Connecticut giving her review of The FitPro Portal.

Nicole joined The FitPro Portal as she was just about to open her first studio, with the aim of generating leads, making sales & growing her fitness business.

One year on, Nicole has grown her studio to over 60 clients.

I Would Love To Say It's All Me... but

Just like the gym, we have a team here at FitPro Lead Gen 🙌

The reason we’ve been so successful at transforming other fitness brands is that we’re a team. Each operation is in the hands of a specialist who’s been there and done it. Here to help you grow your fitness business, answer all your questions and queries, and provide the most up to date training...

Facebook Ads Specialist
(Joint Owner of DKnine Fitness)

Social Media Specialist
(Masters in Sports Psychology)

Lead Chasing Specialist
(Over £1 Million in Sales for Wowcher)

Sales Specialist
(Owner of Adam Lowe Fitness)

Client Care Manager
(Owner of WilsWicks)

Sales Manager
(Joint Owner of DKnine Fitness)

Now for a few words from Simon...

Here is Simon Evans owner of C&S Fitness, Bridgwater giving his review of The FitPro Portal.

Simon joined The FitPro Portal having just opened his first studio, he now has 2 bustling studios with over 200 clients.

In 1 Year, Simon Has Gone From 130 Clients To 210

I Hope By Now, I Have Shown You Enough...

The FitPro Portal is broken down into 2 levels and below you can learn more to get started

If you are wanting to learn more about the All Access level, more about The FitPro Portal or want to read more super successful client reviews, then simply scroll past this part to read on 🙌

Finally, if you are still unsure at what level is right for you, here are a few things to consider

  • 67% of the members start on The LITE
  • 23% then upgrade to All Access
  • All levels come with a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • All new members get a 20 minute "Get Started" call with David
  • Get 24/7 access to me and the team
  • Daily Live Training + Weekly Group Calls
  • We can upgrade or downgrade you with just 1 email
  • You can cancel at any point, with 1 email

NOW OVER TO YOU or if you still can't decide, simply find me on Facebook - > & let's chat :)

FitPro Portal - Lite

Perfect for beginners or those who want no fluff, no extras, just leads, knowledge & social media.

  • 30 Social Media Posts Each Month, Plus 30 Canva Graphics To Accompany
  • 1 Proven Facebook Ads Copy Each Month
  • 24/7 Group Support
  • 3 Level Facebook Ads Course (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Coaching Calls & Special Guests

And don't forget the 7 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee 🙌

Just £47/month (Cancel Anytime)

Join Us Inside For 30 Days

FitPro Portal - All Access

Complete all access to all things lead generation and fitness business growth.

  • 30 Social Media Posts Each Month, Plus 30 Canva Graphics To Accompany
  • 1 Proven Facebook Ads Copy Each Month
  • 24/7 Group Support
  • 3 Level Facebook Ads Course (Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Coaching Calls & Special Guests


  • The 5 Step Eco-System Lead Generation Course
  • 2 Monthly Proven Facebook Ads Copy
  • Landing Page Templates
  • Email Templates
  • Website Build Course, Templates & Updates
  • Online Membership Build Course
  • Offline Lead Generation
  • Daily Study Hour
  • Plus A Bonus Onboarding Coaching Call

And don't forget the 7 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee 🙌

Just £97/month (Cancel Anytime)

Join Us Inside For 30 Days

Facebook Ads Is Just 1 Way To Generate Leads...

In "The FitPro Portal - All Access", We Have You Covered With Every Form Of Lead Generation For Your Fitness Business

  • Website Design Course (We currently sell this course individually at £250) - Taking you step by step from having no website to building your first, including ready to go templates. This will be the shopfront of your online activities so it has to be done right.
  • Online Membership Course (We currently sell this course individually at £300) - Want to take your fitness business online? Then the membership build course will show you how to build a community of loyal customers
  • Offline Lead Generation Systems - Making sure you are not completely reliant on digital marketing, and working your way into your local community
  • Special Guest Interviews - From world class speakers to local FitPros, we get them to tell us what’s working for them right now
  • Daily Study Hour - Every day at 2pm UK time we have a dedicated Zoom Room to help you make the most of the programme
  • Done For You Social Media Posts - Download and use right away across all your social channels, all designed to boost awareness and drive engagement


  • Access To The Social Media Stack worth a MASSIVE £47 a Month

Do You Struggle To Create New Content For Your Social Media? Designing the right content takes time - especially if you know nothing about design.

Just Not Sure What To Post? We understand. It shouldn’t be your worry anyway. You are a FitPro and marketing shouldn’t be your main focus.

Or Just Don't Have The Time To Come Up With Fresh New Engaging Content?

Then YOU are going to love the Social Stack Bonus 🙌

30 Copy & Paste, ready to go engaging Social Media Posts each month + 30 Canva templates to accompany each post

All designed to spark engagement, enquiries & potential new leads across all your social media channels.

  • 24/7 Access To Myself & My Team Inside The Members Support Group

We’ll be with you the whole way. We answer all questions with weekly Q&A Coaching Support Calls & Daily Zoom Room Study Hour.

  • On-Boarding Start-Up Coaching Call

When you join "The FitPro Portal - All Access" you get a FREE 30-minute onboarding coaching call with Dave to map out what training to focus on the most and help map out your lead gen flows in your fitness business

7 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

The FitPro Portal contains all of our most advanced Lead Generation training techniques delivered in one easy format. If you don't find it helpful you can request your money back. No questions asked.

No more guessing with super simple trainings.

When I started out as a FitPro, I tried everything to generate leads for my bootcamp

From running Facebook Ads to building a website and delivering leaflets

I wanted something that would be quick and easy to consume and actually worked - I just couldn’t find it

That’s what inspired me to create The FitPro Portal

From step by step course to running ads, to downloads, templates, worksheets and more

All designed to get you generating leads the very same day!

Here is Mark Fitz owner of Hyperformance, London giving his review of The FitPro Portal.

Mark joined The FitPro Portal as a part time coach working full time as a delivery driver. Since joining Mark has gone from Full Time Delivery Driver...

To Full Time PT, with Zero Ads Spend

The FitPro Portal FAQ

How Is Payment Handled? To make things super easy, your payment is set up to renew automatically each month! Your first payment is either £47 or £97 depending on the level you choose, then on day 30 you will be charged £47 or £97 depending on the level each month unless you decide to leave.

Do I Get Instant Access To All The Training? 100% Yes! The minute you enter, depending on the level you join at, you have access to every single training, download and template that your level comes with. We’re always adding new training to The Portal each week.

Is There A Minimum Joining Period? Not at all, some FitPros just need one month to learn the basics. Most want to stay month on month, to access all the updated trainings and daily support.

Who Is The FitPro Portal Right For? If you need a consistent flow of leads, including templates, downloads & support then this is the place for you. Inside you will find Boot Camp Owners, 1-2-1 Personal Trainers, Gym Owners, CrossFit Owners & Online FitPros.

Have Other FitPros Generated Leads With The FitPro Portal? From complete beginners to gym owners having to turn off ads due to being maxed out, below you will find a wide range of FitPros who have been successful with The FitPro Portal.

How Does The 7 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee Work? If at any point during your initial 7 days, you decide that The FitPro Portal is not for you, then simply let us know by emailing: and we will issue a 100% Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked!

What if I want to leave after a month or 2? You simply need to email: before your next billing cycle to stop any further payments being taken. Your membership will then continue until you reach that date.

7 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

The FitPro Portal contains all of our most advanced Lead Generation training techniques delivered in one easy format. If you don't find it helpful you can request your money back. No questions asked.

Here is Brendan Bonar owner of B Fit Training, Glasgow giving his review of The FitPro Portal.

Brendan joined The FitPro Portal with zero Facebook Ads experience, he has since been able to follow the ad set up videos & use the copy to generate leads.

Brendan Generated 3 x £169 Sales This Week, Off A £15 Ad Spend

Here are a few SUCCESS STORIES & RESULTS SO FAR from The FitPro Portal…


7 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

The FitPro Portal contains all of our most advanced Lead Generation training techniques delivered in one easy format. If you don't find it helpful you can request your money back. No questions asked.

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